logo_small_notext ABOUT US

Iterna is dedicated to provide innovative customized energy solutions to customers while meeting their cost structures, delivery, and technical expectations in the field of energy solutions. 

We will design and manufacture the best battery and charger products for your applications.

front_batt PRODUCTS

At Iterna, we produce batteries, chargers, power managers, and energy systems for a wide range of industries including communications, medical, military and instrumentation. Batteries and chargers have become more complex over the years and now more elegant designs are necessary. Be assured our products meet those necessities.

engineering image4 ITERNA APPROACH

Most pack manufacturers are exactly that - Pack manufacturers.  Iterna is a full service vendor acting as your solution provider: from concept to product delivery, with safety throughout every step.

We have developed an approach to solving your device power needs at the best cost possible in the most timely way.  Please visit our approach section to see more details.

2business3Pack manufacturers may bring a product to your door. Iterna brings a solution. Through our five step approach, you can be assured that
the best product at the best price will be available for you in a timely manner and a worry free environment.